Hi I’m Lilly, I’m 15 and I’m from Stonehouse

Before I was introduced to the Door I was really struggling to cope with everyday life. I had quite poor mental health and I didn’t know how to make it better. Life was really difficult for me.

I was going along to one of The Door’s youth clubs quite a lot, I talked to the youthworkers about how I was  feeling and they helped me apply for a mentor.

Lockdown was an eventful time in my house, so much so that it wasn’t always the best place for me to be. It was decided that I should be going to school as much as possible for my own well-being. So I went. It was strange going to school without all my friends, we had such small classes and everyone was really worried about COVID.

Without the support from my mentor Georgia, I would have been completely lost.

She’s helped me go through step by step everything that has been going on, at school and at home. It’s helped me to process everything and it’s really worked! With Georgia’s support I’ve learnt to still look for a positive in the worst situation even when I just want to cry and give up. Which she’s also taught me is completely ok!!

The Door has really helped change the way I look at life at the moment even when I’m at my worst.

During lockdown they put lots of videos and workbooks on their website. It had so many good resources that really helped when I wasn’t able to talk to anyone. I recommend anyone who is struggling to take a look!

The Door has really supported me through the lowest points of my life and I will be forever grateful.  Thank you!

We so often take for granted having someone we trust to talk to about how we feel. Help open The Door for young people like Lilly this Christmas. Donate today at and your donation will be DOUBLED by local businesses. Thank you

Staying at home in Social Isolation is taking its toll on all of us. Whether you’re a young person struggling with learning at home and missing your friends or a parent trying to juggle the demands of working from home and educating your children, The Door understands where you’re coming from. We are the leading youth charity in Stroud with nearly 30 years experience of supporting young people and their families when times get tough. One of our highly skilled professionals is there for you.

In order to protect the identity of the young person /parent in our stories some details including names and places may have been changed

Lilly’s Story – Double your donation

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