Resilience is vital to our mental well-being. It’s the power we all have to adapt to difficult times and bounce back when things go wrong. You may think that some people are better at coping with life, and that may be so. But the good news is that resilience, like any muscle, is something that can be exercised to make it stronger.

There are many parts to Resilience and like exercising our bodies there are different exercises to improve different areas.

If you would like to work on your resilience use this warm-up to find out which areas it would be useful for you to strengthen and some simple exercise to do just that. (You will get your results in an email)

As with any work-out having a personal trainer can make the process easier and more successful. We at The Door would be happy to arrange a mentor for you if you would like – call 01453 756745 and ask for Alistair or send us a message.