RESILIENCE GYM  Warm-Up Questions
Answer 9 simple questions for your personalised work-out plan

Resilience is vital to our mental well-being. It’s the power we all have to adapt to difficult times and bounce back when things go wrong. You may think that some people are better at coping with life, and that may be so. But the good news is that resilience, like any muscle, is something that can be exercised to make it stronger.

If you would like to work on your resilience use this warm-up to find out which areas it would be useful for you to strengthen and some simple exercise to do just that. (You will get your results in an email which might take up to 10 minutes to arrive)

If you already know you want to build your resilience download ‘Exercises to build your resilience’  and give them a go.

As with any work-out having a personal trainer can make the process easier and more successful. We at The Door would be happy to arrange a mentor for you if you would like – call 01453 756745 and ask for Alistair or send us a message.


Download, read through and complete these booklets to help you understand and start to manage your feelings. You might want to work through them with someone in your family or over video chat with a friend to help you out. Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time to do the exercises and remember you don't have to do everything all at once either.

From our Friends

  • WAM Youth - activity cards to download - boredome busting. Cooking, Art, Outdoor activities and wellbeing
  • Free downloads of self Care Planners, mood monitors and more from Blurt it out
  • Chat Health - Confidential texting service for 11-19 year olds. Text a school nurse about any health worries Monday-Friday 9-4.30pm simply text your questions to 07507 333 351
  • FREE Online courses from Future Learn
  • Download the Kooth App for your personal mental health journal and access to confidential chat rooms and discussion boards
  • Try out the Think Ninja app
  • CBBC Resources about Resilience
  • Emergency Funding available to individuals and families struggling to make ends meet due to COVID 19 - from GCC


Since the start of Lockdown our teams have been creating loads of great videos to help you out. Whether you are looking for something to make you laugh, something to make you think or something to help you with your mental health. Check out the playlists at and get stuck in.

The illuminateStroud team have also put together lots of short videos to help you reflect and take time out to focus on your spiritual well-being. There's a weekly reflection, local Christians telling their personal stories and, if you pray, videos to help you to focus your prayers. Click here for their channel