I don’t have Facebook Can I still take part?

Yes of course! We know not everyone does every type or even any social media. If you would like to take part but don’t have access to Facebook register on Eventbrite and set up your fundraiser on Virgin Money Giving

How do I set up a 100K in May Fundraiser Facebook Page?

Visit  https://www.facebook.com/fund/TheDoorStroud/ and follow the instructions. Be sure to add #100KinMay or #KeepTheDoorOpen  in your page title so we can easily find you and make double sure the end date is set after 1st June 2022!

How do I prove that I have completed the 100km?

As part of this challenge, you will be asked to set up a 100K in May Fundraiser on Facebook for The Door. This is the best place to post your distances weekly or after every run depending on your preference.

How do I keep track of the distance I’m doing?

There’s a couple options, many smart phones now include a steps tracker or you can use free apps such as Strava to record your daily distance. We will also send everyone that registers a pack which includes a page to

Do I have to do the 100km in one go?

No, the goal is to do the 100km over the month of May. It is up to you how you take on this challenge; you can start with smaller distances and work your way up or stick to the same

Do I have to run? I can’t do this jogging thing!

No, how you make your way to 100km is up to you, we’re suggesting running, jogging, walking or cycling but you could scoot, skateboard or even unicycle. Use your imagination and most importantly have fun!