In order to make sure that you find what you need as soon as possible we need to know a little about you. Simply choose the image below that best describes you.


I work for a referring agency such as social care, a school or other third party and would like to make a referral to The Door.

Young Person

I am a young person aged 11-25, I go to school or live in the Stroud District.


I am a parent or carer of a young person aged 11-25 or have a young person aged 11-25 in my household/family.






If you know which service you would like to make a referral to please check our referral guidelines before you proceed.

After you have read the guidelines if you wish to continue with your referral please download, complete and return the applicable form.

If you are unsure which services you need or have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team on 01435 756745