2018 saw The Door continue to grow and develop throughout the organisation, including our model of Community Youthwork, placing relationship and local connection at the heart of what we do.

Local stakeholders recognise the value that The Door adds to their communities and services as well as the lives of local young people and families.  They appreciate our commitment to go above and beyond the “contract”.

Our re-branding, launched in November 2017, gives us a fresh and contemporary feel, whilst retaining our heritage and reputation.  

Through the support of a consultant provided by the Lloyds Bank Foundation’s Enhance Programme, we have set into motion an exciting three year plan which will see The Door continue to be “needs-led”, grow sustainably, and have an impact into even more communities, families and individuals’ lives.

All of this is set against the backdrop of continued austerity and statutory service cuts, the uncertainty of Brexit and increased competition in the charity sector.  Whilst this past financial year has seen a healthy surplus and some rebuilding of our reserves, we cannot rest on our laurels, and the continued review and development of our income portfolio is essential if we are to realise this ambitious plan and more.



1 – Extending the reach of our services to support 8-11 year olds through partnerships with primary schools

2 – Building partnerships within some of the remotest parts of the district in order to bring youthwork to more isolated communities

3 – Benchmarking our services, governance and structures against other Christian youthwork organisations nationally

4 – Expanding our Youth Emotional Support Services beyond mentoring to utilise the gifts of our amazing volunteers and support a wider range of young people’s needs

5 – Working with local churches and Christian groups to empower Christian young people to be culture-shapers in their schools and communities

6 – Ensuring that every member of the team, whether paid or voluntary, has access to the highest level of training and support.