Our objectives for 2019 were as follows

1 – Extending the reach of our services to support 8-11 year olds through partnerships with primary schools – our bespoke Door Step Project had a successful pilot working with young people moving from Primary to Secondary Education.

2 – Building partnerships within some of the remotest parts of the district in order to bring youthwork to more isolated communities – We have trialled youthwork provision in the Severnside area

3 – Benchmarking our services, governance and structures against other Christian youthwork organisations nationally – Ongoing

4 – Expanding our Youth Emotional Support Services beyond mentoring to utilise the gifts of our amazing volunteers and support a wider range of young people’s needs – We ran a successful Phone Support pilot, paving the way for the launch of the Mentoring Gateway.

5 – Working with local churches and Christian groups to empower Christian young people to be culture-shapers in their schools and communities – illuminateStroud pilot launched, bringing together young Christians at Engine Room, meeting them where they are in schools and working in schools to reach non-Christians too.

6 – Ensuring that every member of the team, whether paid or voluntary, has access to the highest level of training and support. – Ongoing


1 – Extending our services into further areas of the Stroud District and the wider county of Gloucestershire

2 – Using the gifts of our amazing staff and volunteers to expand our services in order to meet the growing needs of young people and their families

3 – Raising our profile as a ‘trauma informed’ thought-leading organisation, and contributing to county-wide strategies

4 – Growing and expanding our focus on early intervention with year 5 & 6 pupils in primary schools

5 – Capturing the learning from the illuminateStroud pilot and creating a model which can be rolled out across the Diocese of Gloucester

6 – Ensuring that every member of the team, whether paid or voluntary, is trained and supported to deliver to the highest standards

7 – Reviewing our governance, resources and finances so that they are fit for purpose for the future climate and vision of The Door