Answers to prayer 

Engine Room had a great time at their Pentecost Sleepover

Half term and Jubilee activities in youth clubs went well

GMP had a great communications team meeting at WAM.

Praise God!

Monday 6th June
Today please hold up three young people known to The Door that are experiencing a dark time. That they may feel loved and valued and have hope.

Tuesday 7th June
Please pray for family stability as young people return to school and parents return to work after the holidays.

Wednesday 8th June
Please pray for healing for those that are unwell and for those on holiday to return refreshed and renewed.

Thursday 9th June
We have 3 new members of staff joining The Door team this week. Please pray that they will feel at home and welcomed into the family.

Friday 10th June
Please pray for a successful review of youthwork in Stonehouse today.

Saturday 11th June
Today please pray for inspiration for our marketing team as they continue to create a future proof strategy for sharing the news and work of The Door.

Sunday 12th June
Please pray that The Door will receive the resources we need to sustain growth into new areas and new projects.

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