Answers to prayer…

Our final Party in the park went really well

We have been able to match some of our new volunteers with mentees this week

This week marks the unofficial 30th anniversary of The Door!

Praise God!

This weeks prayer points…

Monday 30th August
Join us in being thankful for the last 30 years of The Door and pray for the next 30 and beyond.

Tuesday 31st August
Today is the first day of our whole team retreat, please pray for rest and refuelling for the team.

Wednesday 1st September
Today is the second day of our retreat, please pray for wisdom and grace as we reflect and learn together.

Thursday 2nd September
As we come to the end of the summer holidays please pray that the final few days will remain safe and stress-free.

Friday 3rd September
Today please pray for success for the funding applications currently with trustees and voting panels.

Saturday 4th September
Please pray for all the young people starting school and college next week. Especially those anxious about the return.

Sunday 5th September
Today please pray for parents as they prepare for their children to return to school or to take on other new challenges

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Weekly Prayer
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