Answers to prayer…

We have received funding to explore youthwork in Cirencester.

Leah and Cathie have made a great start in their new roles in The Door Shop


This weeks prayer points…

Monday 14th June

Please pray for courage and grace amongst secondary school students as they are able to join with other year groups again. Especially year 7’s.

Tuesday 15th June

Please pray that the current Triple P Course (being delivered online) continues to be successful.

Wednesday 16th June

Today please pray for members of The Door team that are on holiday to be refreshed.

Thursday 17th June

Please pray for a shy young person that they will feel able to open up to others at youth club sessions.

Friday 18th June

Please pray that the changes we plan to make to our social media plan are successful.

Saturday 19th June

Please pray for current funding applications that are being written to help us find more funds. 

Sunday 20th June

Please pray for Mike and the team as they continue to provide support in Thomas Keble school.

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Weekly Prayer
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