Answers to prayer…

The quiet space sessions in Cam have been peaceful.

Leah is back to work full time again.

We are thankful to have such a strong and supportive team.

This weeks prayer points…

Monday 26th April

Please pray that as our indoor sessions have returned we are able to reset boundaries with the young people so that everyone can enjoy the sessions.

Tuesday 27th April

Please pray that we will have a well-attended quiz night tonight!

Wednesday 28th April

Please pray for the team to continue to have strength and be well sustained so that they may continue providing the great services that they do.

Thursday 29th April

Please pray that all funding applications going out are well received and successful.

Friday 30th April

Please pray for a family who lost their child to suicide to feel the love and support that they need. 

Saturday 1st May

Our 100K in May challenge starts today! Please pray for good engagement and safety for participants.

Sunday 2nd May

Please continue to pray for the community of Cam, for all the families involved in the recent incident and the young people affected.

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