Answers to prayer…

Out youthwork team were successful in encouraging one of our young people to return to school.

We recently did lots of reviews for those using our mentoring gateway service and their scores are coming out much higher than the beginning.

This weeks prayer points…

Monday 25th January

Please pray that as many volunteers as possible can access our first ever ‘virtual’ group development session tonight.

Tuesday 26th January

 Please pray for wisdom in the decision process around current recruitment of staff

Wednesday 27th January

Last week we worked hard to get out some large funding applications, please pray that these land well with the trusts receiving them.

Thursday 28th January

Please pray for our Trustee meeting that is taking place this morning.

Friday 29th January

Please pray for safety and good connections as we begin to connect with young people through online gaming.

Saturday 30th January

Please pray that we may continue to spread the name of The Door and what we do far and wise so that we may be able to offer support to those in need.

Sunday 31st January

Please pray for all the planning for the great fundraising opportunities we have coming up later in the year.

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Weekly Prayer
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