Answers to prayer …

We are grateful that our Charity Shop Manager and her Family have recovered well from covid-19

Our first ever online delivery of safeguarding training went really well.

We had a really great review of all the Youthwork we have been doing in Wotton last week.

Praise God!

This week’s prayer points…

Monday 23rd November

Please pray for the success of our volunteer training course that begins tonight, this time around delivered online!

Tuesday 24th November

Please pray for the preparations being put into making the next Stonehouse Quarterly review.

Wednesday 25th November

Please pray for our relationships with local schools to continue to strengthen over the coming weeks.

Thursday 26th November

Please pray for hope for all of the young people we are supporting through our telephone support as they are all reporting lower mood ratings due to lockdown 2.

Friday 27th November

Please pray for positive and lasting connections to be made with young people that will benefit from joining our new support groups.

Saturday 28th November

Please pray for one of our volunteers as they have to go through a difficult surgery soon.

Sunday 29th November

Please pray for the family of one of our volunteers who sadly passed away earlier this year to have the support that they need.

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Weekly Prayer
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