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We had a great review with Dursley Town Council last week, they continue to be happy with the work that we do.

We have received some funding this week for illuminateStroud and virtual youthwork!

Youthwork has been recognised by the government as an essential service so we are still able to provide activities to our young people! Praise God!

This month we are joining the rest of the world in praying for those affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Please join us in praying for healing and recovery, for wisdom and guidance for leaders, for energy and rest for those on the front line and for peace for those suffering loss.

Monday 14th September
Today please pray that all the new young people we are meeting out on detached sessions will engage positively with the services we provide.
Tuesday 15th September
Please pray for Caleb, a young person we support that is currently having a tough time, to feel loved and supported.
Wednesday 16th September
As some of our teams start to go back to working in schools please pray for a strengthening of existing relationships and breakthroughs into new areas.
Thursday 17th September
There are lots of assessments taking place for mentoring this week please pray for wisdom the team as they aim to meet each individuals’ needs.
Friday 18th September
Please pray for the fundraising team as they enter a period of transition and change. For a smooth handover for the whole team.
Saturday 19th September
As the team start to reflect on the last 12 months and put together our annual review. Please pray for inspiration, creativity and clarity as we tell the story of the last year at The Door.
Sunday 20th September
For those that are struggling with local lockdown, loss of family members, pain of separation and unclear futures. Please pray that they are surrounded with light, grace and understanding 
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