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Our new fundraising volunteer has started working with us this week.

The youthworkers have been able to deliver postcards to the harder to reach young people.

We have had some great conversations about offering support in new areas soon. Praise God!

This month we are joining the rest of the world in praying for those affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Please join us in praying for healing and recovery, for wisdom and guidance for leaders, for energy and rest for those on the front line and for peace for those suffering loss.

Monday 13th July
Today please pray for those that are mourning. That they will give themselves the space to come to terms with the change in their lives.
Tuesday 14th July
Today please pray that the online opera concert launching tonight will be a success and raise lots of funds for our work.
Wednesday 15th July
Today please pray that the right candidate will come forward for a new support role in the Family Support Team.  Also for wisdom and discernment in the interview process.
Thursday 16th July
Please pray for the youthwork team as Rosie hands over the Community Youthworker role in Wotton to Sam. For a seamless transition.
Friday 17th July
Today please pray for a group of Mums that Shona is currently supporting. That they will all be able to get the more specialist help that they currently need.
Saturday 18th July
Today please continue to pray for the preparations being made to do outdoor (socially distanced) youth club sessions next month.
Sunday 19th July
The fundraising team are currently putting together a funding bid with another organisation, please pray that this partnership will be fruitful for us all.
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