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New young people are engaging with us on social media.

We have received some of the emergency funding that we applied for. Praise God!

This month we are joining the rest of the world in praying for those affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Please join us in praying for healing and recovery, for wisdom and guidance for leaders, for energy and rest for those on the front line and for peace for those suffering loss.

Monday  27th April
Today please pray for the staff at The Door that are juggling other jobs and commitments alongside their work at The Door – that they will be able to take time for themselves too.

Tuesday 28th April
Today please pray for our first ever ‘LIVE’ The Door At Four Quiz afternoon. That the technology will work and people will have fun.

Wednesday 29th April
Today please pray for the family support team for inspiration in how to help families tackle new challenges and from different angles.

Thursday 30th April
Today please pray for the trust funding that we have applied for, so that we can continue with our service delivery.

Friday 1st May 
Please pray for all the volunteers taking part in 100K in May which starts today – for an injury free month and lots of support for them all.

Saturday 2nd May
Please pray for increased uptake of our illuminate services. For local young Christians to reach out and take part in sessions and activities together online.

Sunday 3rd May
Please pray for young people and parents that are continuing to struggle with the impact of lockdown. For grace, patience and kindness in their homes.

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