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Answers to prayer…

We have been able to access some small but vital emergency funding.

Volunteers have setup fundraisers for us.

Families that haven’t been in touch for some time have started reaching out. Praise God!

This month we are joining the rest of the world in praying for those effected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Please join us in praying for healing and recovery, for wisdom and guidance for leaders, for energy and rest for those on the front line and for peace for those suffering loss.

Wednesday 15th April

Today please pray for the telephone support team of staff and volunteers, they are finding that young people need longer calls than normal.

Thursday 16th April

Please pray for all the teachers that are having to make life changing decisions for their students for wisdom and clarity.

Friday 17th April

Today please pray that young people will be able to continue to engage with their school work during and after the Easter Break

Saturday 18th April

Today please pray for the young people we know that have isolated away from their family homes. Pray for their safety and for peace for their families too.

Sunday 19th AprilĀ 

Today please pray for uptake of our isolation art project. Being creative is a powerful way to keep mentally healthy. Help those we support get involved.


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