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Answers to prayer…

The members of our team that have been self-isolating are making good progress towards recovery.

We have been able to launch online youthwork this week and stay in touch with the most vulnerable young people we support.

The Family Support Team and volunteers are managing to meet young people and parents virtually to keep up support. Praise God!

This weeks prayer points…

This month we are joining the rest of the world in praying for those effected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Please join us in praying for healing and recovery, for wisdom and guidance for leaders, for energy and rest for those on the front line and for peace for those suffering loss.

Monday 30th March

Please pray that our new service for young people to be able to talk to their youthworkers will be used by those who need it most.

Tuesday 31st March

Please pray that young people and parents will be brave enough to take part in virtual support.

Wednesday 1st April

Please pray for the fundraising team as they work to respond quickly to the ever changing fundraising options available.

Thursday 2nd April

Please pray for the successful sale of 26 Gloucester Street today as the online auction is held to sell the building.

Friday 3rd April

Please pray for The Door staff that are furloughed or are not getting their usual hours of work in these uncertain times.

Saturday 4th April

Please pray for the Youthwork team as they plan to do some distanced detached work to encourage young people to stay safe.

Sunday 5th April

Please pray for the virtual illuminateStroud sessions taking place on Wednesdays and Sundays to bring young Christians together to pray in this time.


Staying at home in Social Isolation is taking its toll on all of us. Whether you’re a young person struggling with learning at home and missing your friends or a parent trying to juggle the demands of working from home and educating your children, The Door understands where you’re coming from. We are the leading youth charity in Stroud with nearly 30 years experience of supporting young people and their families when times get tough. One of our highly skilled professionals is there for you.

In order to protect the identity of the young person /parent in our stories some details including names and places may have been changed

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