We had a great time at The Pod last week celebrating Ollie receiving his new trike!

We are thankful to have a parent who is happy to share her story with others.

We had a successful trip to Waterwells last week!

A Young person we are supporting has been offered her own flat so she can live independently. Praise God!

Monday 24th February

Please continue to pray that our youth sessions will settle down as young people continue to test boundaries and take more risks. Pray for peace and reconciliation.

Tuesday 25th February

The waiting list for mentoring young people is still high. Please pray we will be able to assess and take forward many of these relationships in the coming weeks.

Wednesday 26th February

A volunteer mentor has expressed that she doesn’t know what to try next to help their mentee. Pray for a breakthrough in this relationship.

Thursday 27th February

Please pay for the funding applications that we are expecting to hear from soon. Pray for positive outcomes and much needed cash-flow.

Friday 28th February

Please pray that all of our young people will be kind to one another especially on social media.

Saturday 29th February

Please pray for all our staff and volunteers that are suffering physically or mentally; for courage, healing, patience and endurance.

Sunday 1st March

Engine Room meets this evening, please pray for these young people to create lasting friendships and connections.

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Weekly Prayer
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