Answers to prayer…

We have lots of people sign up to join our team of volunteers!

We came to the end of our 2 years as TSB Stroud’s chosen charity and received over £400!

The meeting with Thomas Keble about starting illuminate in their school went well. Praise God!

This week’s prayer points…

Monday 3rd February

Volunteer training starts this evening, please pray for everyone involved to start building great relationships.

Tuesday 4th February

Please continue to pray for the health of The Door’s staff as a number continue to be off work ill. Pray for recovery and healing.

Wednesday 5th February

Please continue to pray that all of the young people we support will be kind to one another.

Thursday 6th February

Please pray for one of our young people Tim who’s home life is currently disrupted. Pray for the family to receive the right support for them.

Friday 7th February

We are currently recruiting for a number of roles on The Door’s staff team. Please pray for the right candidates to come forward and apply.

Saturday 8th February

Please pray that we may be able to build a close relationship with the team from Facts4Life so that we may be able to better engage in local primary schools.

Sunday 9th February

We have a new timeline for delivering youthwork in Hardwicke, please pray for the preparations and relationships involved in this process.


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Weekly Prayer
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