Monday 27th January

Please pray that we will have a productive meeting in Thomas Keble School today to discuss us doing some illuminate work with them.

Tuesday 28th January

Please pray for the training being held in our Stroud youth centre starting today and ending on Thursday by Restorative Gloucestershire to run smoothly.

Wednesday 29th January

Please pray that all of our young people will make the choice to be kind to one another and that they will feel they can talk to us if they are struggling.

Thursday 30th January

Please pray for the relationships that we are establishing with the PCSO’s of the Wotton area to be strengthened week on week.

Friday 31st January

Please pray for all of the mentoring matchings we have coming up to be successful pairings.

Saturday 1st February

Please pray as we plan for February half term that we will be able to provide lots of fun and relaxing activities for the young people.

Sunday 2nd February

Today please pray for ongoing conversations about the running of this year’s Raft Race. For future plans to be put in place soon.

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Weekly Prayer

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