Monday 20th January

Please continue to pray for The Door team to be in good health as many are still struggling with illness.

Tuesday 21st January

A number of young people have made disclosures about bullying in recent days please pray that we can support them and work locally to resolve these issues.

Wednesday 22nd January

Today please pray for all the young people receiving telephone support while they wait for a mentor that they may be sustained.

Thursday 23rd January

A Parenting Course starts today please pray for the team delivering the course and the parents attending to build a great working relationship over the next 8 weeks.

Friday 24th January

A number of trusts that we have applied to for funding are meeting at the end of January please pray that our applications will stand out for all the right reasons and for funding to come soon.

Saturday 25th January

Today please pray especially for the success of our application to the BBC Children in Need fund

Sunday 26th January

Today please pray for The Door Shop to find new volunteers to help out each day.

Mother's Day Gifts

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Weekly Prayer
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