Monday 30th December

Today please pray for those people that would rather forget what has happened in 2019, pray that they will be able to forgive, forget and look forward to their future.

Tuesday 31st December

Today please pray for safe celebrations as we prepare to ring in the new year and new decade.

Wednesday 1st January

Today please pray for everyone that is preparing to return back to ‘normal’, pray especially for courage for those anxious to return to work or school.

Thursday 2nd January

Today please pray for the recruitment of new volunteers to join The Door’s team ready for training next month.

Friday 3rd January

Today please pray for the fundraising applications being sent this month. That they will land on the right desks and in the right hands at the right times.

Saturday 4th January

Many mentees and mentors will be starting to meet up again this week, please pray that when they do that they can get back to working together to reach their goals with a new found enthusiasm.

Sunday 5th January

Youth club sessions will reopen tomorrow, please pray for young people to continue seeking a safe space in our centres and for great conversations with our youthworkers.

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Weekly Prayer
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