Answers to prayer…

We have had a record breaking month in terms of fundraising, a huge thank you to all the volunteers for all their hard work!

Last week we did our annual Christmas hamper deliveries and they were a great success!

Prayer spaces in Archway as part of illuminateStroud were really well engaged with by the young people. Praise God!

This weeks prayer points…

Monday 23rd December

Today please pray for all The Door Shop staff and volunteers as they continue to work hard up until Christmas.

Tuesday 24th December

Today please pray for safe celebrations, for good decisions and grace amongst us all during Christmas Time.

Wednesday 25th December

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, light of the world. Please pray that throughout this Christmas time that where there is darkness there will be light and where there is despair that there will be hope especially in the lives of those supported by The Door at this time.

Thursday 26th December

Today please pray for parents to be sustained through the school holidays so that they can maintain all the good practises they have learned during term time.

Friday 27th December

Today please pray that boredom will not take over and that young people will find positive and constructive things to do with their time.

Saturday 28th December

Today please pray for all of The Door’s volunteers. Pray that they are rested by the Christmas Break and refuelled ready to start again in the new year.

Sunday 29th December

Today please pray for The Door’s Staff team, that all of them will be rested and refuelled by their holidays, and will be ready to tackle whatever challenges 2020 throws our way.

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