Answers to prayer…

illuminateSCAPS began this week, talking to young people about faith and spirituality and is off to a great start.

The final celebration of Door Step was really well attended

We had a very successful review at our Avening youth centre last week with sessions continuing there up until the end of the summer term. Praise God!

This weeks prayer points…

Monday 25th November

Please pray for one of our illuminateArchway attendees who has an operation this week. to be healed quickly after it takes place.

Tuesday 26th November

Please pray for any and all of our young people that are currently struggling with mental health to feel loved and supported always.

Wednesday 27th November

Please pray for grace and peace in the meeting that is taking place today discussing the future of the Raft Race.

Thursday 28th November

Please pray that we may be creative in all of the funding applications we are currently working on and that they may be received well by trusts.

Friday 29th November

Please pray for our application to continue the Door Step project next year after the success of the pilot this year.

Saturday 30th November

Please pray for the members of the team that are currently feeling under the weather for healing and rest.

Sunday 1st December

Please pray for Simon as he continues to go missing often, to be safe and also to be able to return to one of our centres so he can get the support that he needs and wants.

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