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The Raft Race went really well last weekend, everyone stayed safe and fundraising totals are looking great!

Rosie and Sarah had a really great time at the Police open day at Waterwells – they ran out of leaflets!

Anne and Bev completed the 5K! And have almost reached their fundraising targets.

This weeks prayer points…

Monday 23rd September

Today please pray for peace, refreshment and healing for the staff in our Youthwork team as they continue to be stretched.

Tuesday 24th September

Thanks to rising numbers we are introducing a new Youthwork volunteer in Avening, pray that she settles in and that the group welcome her with open arms.

Wednesday 25th September

Barrie and Richard are meeting with the Rank Trust today to discuss illuminate funding, also the trustees of the Jack Lane trust are meeting tonight to discuss our application for trip money. Please pray for the provision we need to take these projects forward.

Thursday 26th September

Praise God for the support our parents that attend groups are providing each other, especially new members. Please pray that this continues to grow.

Friday 27th September

We have seen great numbers in youth clubs since the start of term please pray that these young people keep returning and bringing friends

Saturday 28th September

Please pray for all our new volunteers as they complete their training and move towards starting their new roles. Pray that their enthusiasm continues.

Sunday 29th September

Lots of The Door team have been to conferences to learn new skills and gain experience recently, please pray that they are able to bring this learning back to build on The Door’s services well.

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