Answers to prayer…

All of our youth centres are really busy with young people

Our telephone mentoring is going strong with young people engaging where there parents thought they would not want to.

We successfully launched our Door Step programme for year 6 leavers applications are coming in fast.

This weeks prayer points…

Monday 17th June

Please pray for all we are doing this week to celebrate small charities week. For increased awareness of our work.

Tuesday 18th June

Today please pray for guidance for the fundraising team in which grants to apply for next.

Wednesday 19th June

Please pray for the telephone service as it continues to grow and reach more young people

Thursday 20th June

Today please pray for the team in Dursley as they have a quarterly review today.

Friday 21st June

Today please continue to pray for peace in our youth centres, we have seen real progress with young people and pray it continues.

Saturday 22nd June

Today please pray for the fundraising concert: Sing! Being held at St Laurence Church, for smooth running and a successful night.

Sunday 23rd June

Today please pray for the young people that have finished their exams that they will find positive outlets for their summer break.

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