Why did you choose to become a youthworker?

I chose to be a youthworker because I wanted to help young people as I feel I can relate to them from my experiences as a young person.

What is the best thing about your Job?

I Love the team that I get to work with. Not only are they my colleagues they are my family. I also love the relationships I build with young people and that I can be a role model for them.

The most challenging ?

The first time a young person was verbally aggressive towards me, as it was the first time it happened I found it hard to deal with.

What is your best memory?

There are so many I can’t name them all. But one that stands out is when one of the volunteers cooked a full Roast dinner on a Saturday Drop-in session and we all sat round the table.

Strangest/ Silliest/ funniest thing that has happened to you while doing Youthwork?

One of the funniest things that has happened to me was when I was pregnant and on a shift; a young person said to me “Are you pregnant or just fat?”


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