Made of Money provides a non-judgemental, safe, interactive and fun space in which to build up your confidence and skills so that you can manage your financial affairs more effectively. Through a mixture of small group activities and exercises, games and problem-solving, the keys to financial control are put into your pocket.

Week 1: Introduction. Explores participants’ feelings about their financial situation, and how it might improve, and introduces ‘spending diaries’.

Week 2: Budgeting. Examines spending habits, household finances, and budgeting, and explores barriers to better financial planning.

Week 3: Credit. Raises awareness of the financial and emotional costs of credit. Compares types of credit and their pros and cons.

Week 4: Debt. Covers types of debt, its consequences and advice about how to handle it.

Week 5: Communication. Helps people develop communication skills around talking to family members, financial institutions and creditors.

Week 6: Children and Money. Explores the messages our children receive about money, and how to include the whole family around money.

The next FREE six-week course starts on 9 May. For information and booking contact Save’n’borrow Credit Union: 01453 298785,

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