This month’s case study is about a young person who struggles with confidence issues.

He lives at home with his mum and 3 brothers; home life isn’t the greatest so he would really like to move out and find a job. He came to see me to help him find a job; we had a great conversation about goals and ambitions. He said he felt worried about work and wasn’t sure what he really wanted to do. I felt that I could find him a job but was unsure he would be able to hold it down due to his confidence. I asked him if he would be interested in me finding him a course that could help him with his confidence, if he would be willing to sign up. He said yes, so I found a Prince’s Trust course that runs for 12 weeks and aims to get young people work ready especially helping those that struggle with confidence. He was worried about going to the course interview by himself, so I went along with him and helped him to understand some of the questions. I am pleased to say that he was accepted on to the course and starts in February.  He left there with big smiles and was very excited about what is in store for his future.

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