We have been working with C, a 21 year old young woman, who has been living on her own since leaving home at 15, through the work of her mentor she has learnt that to ask for help is not a sign of weakness, and has been able to start dealing with the paperwork she has been avoiding.  Particularly she has been helped to complete her tax return.  Her mentor has also helped her to arrange meeting with Citizens advice bureau and the job centre, as although she has been out of work for the past 18 months she has refused to sign on and has been living in poverty and at risk of being evicted.



Covid-19 has caused panic and fear across the world. For some of the young people and families supported by The Door, their fragile mental health status prior to Covid-19 is being exacerbated in the current climate; many are feeling out of control and more anxious about their lives.

While we are seeing demand for our services grow we are also losing £500 every working day in income as a result of lockdown. Please donate today to help The Door reach every young person and family that needs our support, especially at this most challenging of times.

If you are a new donor, The Door will receive match funding on donations over £500 (more details on our website)


C’s Story

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