We have been supporting Ms B since July 2013 and in that time have been able to offer her a listening ear but also practical help such as helping her son to find alternative accommodation and help her with parenting skills via our parenting course.  Our contact just before Christmas, however, was most heartbreaking.  On arriving at her house with the small hamper of food, she opened the door and on realising we had bought food, broke down and told me how little she had to eat and that her benefits had been cut; to the point where she didn’t know how she would feed her family over Christmas.  I came away moved and disturbed by her story.  So the next day returned, and through the generosity of Foodbank, I was able to deliver an abundance of food in no less than 9 carrier bags of Christmas food.  Again she was overwhelmed by the generosity of others.  Such a simple gesture that made an incredible difference – it is a reminder of just how important it is that we value the small things and never underestimate how important they are!

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Mrs B’s Story

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