We are the leading youth charity across the Stroud district with 30 years of experience supporting young people and their families when times get tough. So if you need some support or just want a chat, get in touch with our friendly team.

THE DOOR LINE 01453 705350 For Young People aged 11-25 5pm-7pm / Monday – Friday
If you need someone to talk to and offload about your day, or if you need someone to listen to you and help work things out. Give our friendly team a call.

"Unlocking Potential.... Opening Opportunity..."

"Where Every Young Person's Future Is Determined By Their Potential Not Their Past"

The Door's mission is to bring hope into the lives of young people and their families, through unlocking potential and opening opportunity so their past does not define their future.

Motivated by the Christian values of hope, forgiveness and prayer The Door delivers its services at the heart of local communities, seeking to engage stakeholders from the bottom up. We have in-depth knowledge of the local area and its people, we tackle the root causes leading to enduring results and are prepared to deal with complex issues that other agencies shy away from.

The Door travels with people for the long term – walking alongside them, carrying the burden and never giving up.

Latest News

  • Director’s Chair

    Director’s Chair

    This month’s Director’s chair is from Chief Operating Officer Graham Gill It’s budget time again… It seems to come round very quickly, but July marks the beginning of our new financial year.  So as well as tying up all theRead More...
  • Introducing Chris

    Introducing Chris

    Hi Chris, thank you for taking some time out to introduce yourself. Firstly what is it that you do at The Door? Hello! My role is Youthwork Manager. This means I look after all of The Door’s youthwork across theRead More...
  • Supporting Year 6 this Summer

    Supporting Year 6 this Summer

    Change is hard. No matter how much we try to tell ourselves otherwise. It’s human to be worried, concerned and a little bit afraid of the unknown. Stepping out of our comfort zone and trying new things can be funRead More...
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