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It can be tough going through adolescence, and it can be even tougher being a parent of a teenager. Nobody gets it right all the time, so there is no shame in getting a bit of help.

At The Door we offer a suite of services designed to support everyone, whether it be the young person, their parent or carer, or the whole family.

“The Door’s expertise in dealing     with situations which are alien to me has made a huge difference and has enabled me to feel more positive about the future.”

Mentors are trained volunteers who support young people through difficult times. This could mean practical help and advocacy work with a specific situation like finding a house, workshops for anger management or self esteem issues, or just someone to talk to about the ups and downs. Giving a young person this kind of positive role model and intensive one to one support that they have never had before can turn their lives around.

“My mentor helps me to calm down and control my anger”

We also offer the same support service to parents and carers, along with the award winning ’Triple P’ parenting programme, both of which enable parents to re-assess life and move forward, whether its through dealing with a family break-up, major crisis or just the day to day job of being a parent.

Sometimes the whole family needs help to get back on track. Family Face Time provides a safe environment and a friendly facilitator to support families re-open communication and move forward.