25 & Counting is all about celebrating how God has blessed so many young people, parents and families through the mission of The Door and looking forward to the future.

As part of 25 & Counting, we would like to offer local Churches the opportunity to Stand Up and Be Counted with The Door. We’d like you to stand alongside our mission to provide safety and security to young people and their parents – bringing hope and opportunity into their lives.

There are a number of ways in which the church can do this:

  • Invite a member of The Door team to come and talk in church
    • This could be anything from a 5 minute notice, speaking to people after the service, meeting with an afternoon or evening group, or us taking over a full Sunday morning/evening
  • Take up a collection or offering for the work of The Door
    • This could happen as part of the above – during a ‘Door Sunday’ or at another more relevant time for you
  • Consider volunteering opportunities
    • We need volunteers to mentor young people, support parents, help out in our youth centres, or to get involved in events. An hour during a street collection is invaluable.
  • Tap into our knowledge and expertise in Youthwork
    • With a professional / experienced team we can help you better serve young people in your church
  • Partner with us in your community to meet the needs of young people
    • Have you ever longed to reach young people on your doorstep? We have a track record of working with churches to reach out into their communities and make a real difference
  • Pray with us
    • We hold daily, weekly and monthly prayer meetings at The Door, could you join us at them
    • Subscribe to our weekly ‘prayer email’ to help focus your prayers